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Welcome to Arrakis – Dune Lore Explained


Welcome to Arrakis – A primer video on the lore of Dune by Frank Herbert. You can play the awesome Dune boardgame through our sponsor GF9: https://www.gf9games.com/dune/743/dune-a-game-of-conquest-diplomacy/

In this lore documentary we seek to bring to life the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune series with animated video of the key aspects of his work. We begin by tracing the history of the imperium from the Space Age of the 21st century through the mellenia of expansion that would see the Empire of Man become the Empire of a Thousand Worlds. We cover the pivotal moment that was the Butlerian revolt against the Thinking Machines. In its aftermath, the galaxy was reformed into a new galactic order.

This was made up of three main pillars: The Landsraad, The Imperial Throne, and the Spacing Guild. We discuss each of these with a focus on the Great and Minor houses along with House Corrino which currently sits atop the throne. In addition we also dive into the emergence of new players like the Mentats, the Navigators, and the Bene Gesserit.

Finally we turn our attention to how these various galactic factions of the Imperium of Man come to see their plans within plans come to a head on Arrakis. To set the stage for this action we dive deep into the planetology of Dune including its ecology, the sand worms, spice melange, and the Fremen.

I’ve loved diving into the lore of Dune and hope this makes a good primer video for the Dune Movie 2021 as well as your reading of the Dune books. Stay tuned for more episodes on Dune explained.

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Research: Invicta
Script: Invicta
Narration: Guy Michaels
Art: Penta Limited



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