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Water Soluble CBD – What is it and What are the Benefits


Water Soluble CBD products are starting to appear more and more in the CBD market, especially in CBD infused drinks and edibles. What are the benefits of water soluble CBD vs traditional oils?

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What is Water Soluble CBD Oil?
As you probably would expect, CBD Oil is an oil-based product. The oil-based version of CBD works great for sublingual delivery, vape juice, and mixing into topicals, but has its problems when taken in drink, pill, or edible form.

Anyone who has taken a high school science class has probably done an experiment showing how poorly oil and water mix, and this happens in your body when CBD oil is taken orally.

Water soluble CBD oil goes through an additional refinement process, breaking down the oil with “nanoparticles” to separate the oil into tiny particles that are easier to absorb in the natural digestive process.

These droplets are much easier for the body to digest and absorb, leading to much more of the CBD you ingest finding its way to your bloodstream.

Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD Oil
From what we’ve already said it’s likely that you understand the first benefit of a water-soluble CBD oil, but there are a handful of things that really make this type product attractive for consumers.

In simple terms, bioavailability means that less of the product you have ingested is lost or wasted in the digestive system. In the case of CBD that is water soluble, it means that up to 50% of the CBD you swallowed will reach your blood stream.

Regular edibles, pills and gel caps have an absorption rate closer to 10%, so it is easy to see how much more CBD you’ll be actually benefiting from taking a water-soluble CBD product.

Food and Drink Market
CBD edibles have grown in popularity over the last few years, with most companies expanding their product lines to include gummies or sweet treats infused with CBD.

Water soluble CBD Oil loses a lot of the bitter, woodsy taste of the oil through the final nanoparticle refinement step, so these products should taste better than their oil counterparts.

CBD drinks is where water soluble options may shine. Taste is the #1 consumer purchasing driver, and up until now CBD-infused beverages have struggled in this area. Because the water-soluble product is so refined and tasteless, it should give manufacturers better control over the final taste.

Consistent Dosing
Edibles and drink products have always had the benefit of consistent dosing. When taking an edible, pill, or by drinking a can of CBD-infused beverage, the amount of CBD is clearly listed on the packaging.

Faster Delivery
A water soluble CBD product also is able to be effectively broken down in the digestive system, rather than being shuttled to the liver for processing. This leads to a much faster absorption time and less time between ingesting and the effects of the CBD kicking in.


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