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Luxembourg allows cannabis cultivation for personal use


Read More: https://thecanadian.news/2021/10/22/luxembourg-allows-cannabis-cultivation-for-personal-use/

In future, cannabis may be grown in Luxembourg on a smaller scale for personal use. This is the result of a package of measures by the Luxembourg government to combat drug-related crime that was presented today. As a result, up to four cannabis plants will be allowed at home and per household in the future. However, the possession and use of cannabis in public remain prohibited.

The government coalition in Luxembourg has been pursuing plans for some time to legalize the cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis for personal use. According to the EU Monitoring Center for Drugs, based in Lisbon, Luxembourg would be a pioneer in Europe with such far-reaching regulations. Cannabis is also only tolerated in the Netherlands. The implementation of the plans in Luxembourg is a long time coming, the government cites the CoV pandemic as one of the reasons for the delay.


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