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Webinar: Health and social responses to cannabis problems in Europe — time for a paradigm shift?


Objective: To kick off the cannabis webinar series, opening the debate with an all-encompassing overview of the key issues and response options available.

Background: Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Europe and globally. As well as herbal cannabis and cannabis resin, an increasing range of more novel forms of the drug may now be observed on the illicit market. Regulatory responses are also becoming more variable and complicated, while most health and social concerns still remain focused on illicit cannabis consumption. Effective prevention programmes generally take a developmental perspective and are not substance-specific. Treatment for cannabis problems is based mainly on psychosocial approaches with an increasing focus on digital interventions. Harm reduction for cannabis use has received less attention.

This webinar involved a discussion with key stakeholders in the following areas: cannabis use and harms; cannabis treatment programmes; and harm reduction interventions

The EMCDDA introductory message referred to the upcoming launch of the Health and social responses to drug problems: a European guide 2021. The new modular guide, updating the 2017 one-volume edition, is designed to support practitioners and policymakers in tackling the negative consequences of drug use. To be launched in October, it will take the form of a set of Miniguides released in three successive bundles covering: drugs, settings and target groups.

Invited speakers:

– Cannabis use and harms: Jakob Manthey, Ph.D., Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Technische Universität Dresden and Center for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research (ZIS), University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Germany
– Cannabis treatment: Eva Hoch, university lecturer and lead psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany
– Cannabis and social implications: Marie Jauffret- Roustide, Research Fellow INSERM – National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Paris, France

Chairpersons: Jane Mounteney, Marica Ferri, EMCDDA

Opening and closing remarks: Alexis Goosdeel, EMCDDA Director

Format: opening remarks, guided discussion with panellists, Q&A with attendees.

Date and time: 8 October,12.00–13.30 Lisbon time (13.00–14.30 CET).
Length: 1.5 hours.


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