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You Can Literally Die From a Broken Heart | Broken Heart Syndrome


You Can Literally Die From a Broken Heart


In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses Broken Heart Syndrome and the anatomy of the heart.


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Video Timeline

00:00 – 00:33 Intro
00:34 – 00:55 Why Name It Takotsubo?
00:56 – 03:05 Heart Tour
03:06 – 04:21 Cause of Broken Heart Syndrome
04:22 – 05:10 What’s Happening to the Heart?
05:11 – 05:35 Diagnosing Broken Heart Syndrome
05:36 – 05:57 Why Does It Affect Females More?
05:58 – 06:35 The Good News
06:36 – 06:55 Shameless Plugs


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Audio Credit: www.bensounds.com
Heart Picture Credit: Stenemo

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