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What are the institutional investors doing?! GREAT news for High Tide (HITI stock)


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In today’s video we are talking about institutional investors and specifically why and how they can significantly influence a stock price by their actions.

We also explore how High Tide is likely to be a big beneficiary of this trend over the coming years and why this will likely drive the stock price up… We also cover why it has taken so long since the uplisting…

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This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please note that none of the content of this video constitutes investment advice. I am not a financial / investment adviser, broker or dealer. All the views and opinions expressed in this video are solely for entertainment purposes. I may, or may not, hold stakes in any of the companies mentioned in any video. Before making any investment decision, make sure you complete satisfactory due diligence and research on the company and seek the help of a professional if required.


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