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Why the Case to Remove Cannabis From Schedule 1 Was Just Thrown Out


Why the Case to Remove Cannabis From Schedule 1 Was Just Thrown Out

Ohio and Missouri race to become the next state to legalize, the DEA marijuana rescheduling case was just dismissed, and a military veteran who was deported over marijuana returns home. Today at 2 PM CST!

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Cannabis Legalization News Footnotes:
0:00 – Start of Show
0:48 – Court Dismisses DEA Marijuana Rescheduling Case, But Judge Says Cannabis Reclassification May Be Coming Anyway (Marijuana Moment)
5:37 – U.S. Military Veteran Deported Over Marijuana Returns Home Following Congressional Push On Biden Administration (Marijuana Moment)
9:33 – Pregnancy tests, VR goggles, pipes, 100-plus pounds of marijuana among purchases included in Michigan research grants (MLIVE)
20:40 – Audio: Push is on to make Missouri the 20th state to legalize recreational marijuana (KTTN)
25:24 – Backers of Plan to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Ohio Get OK for Next Step (WKSU)
33:36 – Cannabis smoking lounges off to successful start in Illinois. โ€˜60- and 70-year-old dudes walking in with their tie-dye.โ€™
42:58 – ‘We got one thing in common – it’s called cannabis’ (Star Exponent)
50:17 – Texas Writes an Actual Prescription, Not Recommendation (Facebook)
53:45 – Colorado to Vote on Increasing Cannabis Taxes in November (High Times)
56:54 – Former Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr arrested by FBI agents and faces 160 years (VVNG)
58:38 – Grant County nixes local cannabis law (Silver City Daily Press)
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