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The Four Rules Of Drying Cannabis


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Hey Youtube, today I wanted to talk about four rules of drying cannabis.

Rule 1: Avoid Mold At All Costs. No one likes moldy weed. It ruins flavor and will get you sick. Once your cannabis starts to mold, it’s a total loss so be careful to not let mold spores or mold enter your drying area.

Rule 2: Dry For As Long As You Can (without getting mold). The slower your cannabis dries, the better it will become, but if you dry it too slowly, it will mold and become a total loss. It is a fine balance, but as you gain experience you will be able to see and know when to let your cannabis breathe more and when to slow the drying process down. With experience you will be able to stretch the senescence without fear of mold. In general, slower dried material produces a better smoke, but be careful not to push it too far and get mold.

Rule 3: Avoid Sunlight, Heat, Excess Moisture, Handling, or Direct Air Flow. Sunlight degrades the THC. Overly hot or cold temperatures can kill the enzymes that decompose macro molecular substances. Too much handling will destroy trichome leading to poor smell and poor long term storage. Direct air flow will likely dry too quickly and prevent hydrolysis from being able to occur. Over all, you just want to be very careful with the handling of your buds.

Rule 4: Avoid Putting Cannabis In An Anaerobic Environment Before It’s Safe For Long Term Storage. Putting cannabis in an oxygen-free environment too soon will kill the smell of your cannabis. If there is too much moisture in the stem or core of the bud, anaerobic bacterial will thrive if given the chance. If you put your dried buds in a jar and leave it for a day or three, the smell will indicate whether they were dry enough. If the smell is have weakened or altogether left, then it was too soon. If your dried buds smell better after the 1-3 days, then they were likely dry enough.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Avoid Mold At All Costs
0:57 – Extend The Drying Process As Long As Possible (Without Getting Mold)
1:44 – Avoid Sunlight, Heat, Excess Moisture, Handling, or Direct Air Flow
2:26 – Avoid Putting Cannabis In An Anaerobic Environment Before It’s Safe For Long Term Storage
3:20 – Harvest Some Samples Two Weeks Before Your Main Harvest To Calibrate & Adjust Your Technique
4:19 – Outro


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