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Pe230 Clip: How Terpenes Mimic Cannabinoids in Animal Behavior Effects


Terpenes have been used in plant medicine & aromatherapy for ages – now science is looking into how common cannabis terpene isolates impact animal behavior in the lab. Surprisingly, preliminary studies suggest terpenes have effects very similar to cannabinoids! Do amplified “tetrad” effects of terpenes & cannabinoids provide conceptual support for the “Entourage Effect” of cannabis?

Explore ongoing terpene & entourage effect research in this clip from our recent interview with John Streicher PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience & Pharmacology at University of Arizona.

Listen to episode Pe230 on your favorite podcast app, the Periodic effects app, or here on our YouTube channel to hear more about current research into terpenes & cannabinoids role in the Entourage Effects

Watch Full Episode = https://youtu.be/X2Micx6mDAk

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