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Yaksta – Dancehall Tours – hosted by Pantason – Episode 40


Welcome to Dancehall Tours a series where we interview artists about how cannabis plays a part in their music.

Today our host Pantason interviews Reggae & Dancehall artiste Yaksta. Hailing from the lush parish of St. Mary, Kemaul Matrin, Aka Yaksta (Bush Lawd) is a Jamaican singer, producer, artist and actor. from his early childhood, he spent his formative years working on music projects and focused on reggae and dancehall culture as opposed to his studies.

After several stints in hospitality at popular Jamaican beach resorts and running his own business selling clothes as a way to make ends meet, Yaksta soon decided a full-time life in music is the only way for him. “I am music incarnate and I’ve given up on avoiding my destiny”, he vows enthusiastically.

Just a short few months into his career as a musician, and Yaksta is quickly becoming a household name across Jamaica, owed large in part to his viral music video for his single “Home“ which racked up over 1 Million views on Facebook in less than 6 months. Home, which depicts the issues facing poor people in Jamaica today and contrasts the lives of the Jamaican elite against the less fortunate, instantly struck a chord with those from lower income areas who are still proud of their communities.

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