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Schwazze (SHWZ) – Cannabis Investing for Grown Ups


Interview with CEO Justin Dye of Schwazze (OTCQX:SHWZ)

Schwazze is the largest, vertically integrated Cannabis company in Colorado. The source of Schwazze’s business offering is a plant. Throughout time it has been used and viewed very differently by many people. In parts of the world it has been used as a food source. Used within religious ceremonies. And countless others.

Today, this plant represents the full vision of Schwazze. As a verb, Schwazze is the necessary pruning of a living organism to create more growth. For them, it is a call to action. A fantastic imagery of how they are taking the source of the product, and via innovation and unparalleled thinking, are not just leading the industry, but transcending it.

The Cannabis industry is a very large industry and we are very close to the legalisation of Cannabis in a vast majority of the US states. Cannabis is used for arthritis, headaches, to treat cancer, joint pain, anxiety, and other different ailments. Colorado has very stringent rules and regulations about legal growth versus the illegal market so it is easy to do business in Colorado and Denver is the second-largest Cannabis market in the country.

The ambition for Schwazze is to build a $500M – $600M business in Colorado. The plan is to lead with retail stores on every corner of Colorado. Western Slope, Western size, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Denver Metro, all the way up through the i25 corridor. They have tonnes of growth to continue to roll out stores there.

Their goal is to sell their own items in their stores, but also source really high-quality flowers and products to give great variety for their customers and what they want. The blueprint is to have a broad set of stores that are high volume, that have coverage to cover the consumer in Colorado, all corners. They have 17 stores today, and have partnerships with well over 30 high-quality growers over the state.

Schwazze is building from their retail foundation where they can grow market share, and that gives them the opportunity to build the brand, to develop their flower brands, and to develop a really great business. Then they can start launching premium brands within their stores, selling it within Colorado, and then whatever the next state is, the next state – that’s how they plan to build their brand.

0:00 – Company Overview
00:14 – Schwarz, Cannabis Business & Specialties
08:33 – Joining, Investments & Retail Components
14:26 – Team Building, Current Goals, And Physical Retail
23:39 – Adult Use, Independency & The Desire to Control
31:01 – Current Strategies, Risks, Plans & Legal Regulatory Components
42:38 – Outro

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