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Cannabis Crowdfunding | First Corp | David Weir


A business template for maintaining a robust circulation of resources. 

  Using the Capital Institute’s “Eight Regenerative Principles” as their foundation, the team at  First Corp set out to create a sustainable business model for their hemp business.  Co-Founder and CEO  David Weir joins  Dan Humiston  to explain how they designed their business to support the farmers in their supply chain.   He discusses how adding a new wave of investors through their current equity crowdfunding campaign on MicroVentures will provide them with the resources necessary to share the news about their brand and their philosophy. 

Produced by PodConX

MJBulls –https://podconx.com/podcasts/raising-cannabis-capital

Dan Humiston – https://podconx.com/guests/dan-humiston

David Weir – https://podconx.com/guests/david-weir

First Corp – https://firstcrop.com/

Crowdfunding Campaign Page – https://invest.microventures.com/offerings/first-crop


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