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What is CBD oil? What you NEED to know about CBD oil and how it can potentially help Survivors!


For a lot of people, cannabis has been a huge beneficial medicine for cancer patients. Why does cannabis help so much?

Studies are showing the benefits to what CBD and THC can do to help deal with the symptoms of treatment. But are also showing benefits to help alleviate cancer survivors Anxieties and PTSD.
Internal Architect is an independent project that helps Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors with a Survivorship Care Plan.

This does not constitute medical advice, only an opinion based on experience.

This video can have meaning to anyone but is focused on helping those that are Hodgkins Lymphoma Patients and Survivors.

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For Survivors by Survivors!

In this video, I talk about the differences between CBD and THC. And also why one is legal in all 50 states and the other is not.

The cannabis movement started in the 60s and 70s and has slowly been gaining traction as it has helped not only cancer patients but aids patients And epilepsy patients as well. Only until recently have studies been showing that cannabis has real medicinal value.

But the United States is lacking in its acceptance into studying this medicine as a true treatment.

This is why I feel cannabis is a hugely important part of anyone that is dealing with cancer survivorship. But be warned this may not work for everyone!


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