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#1 Processor of Wana Gummies and Kiva Chocolate in Michigan: High Life Farms


#1 Processor of Wana Gummies and Kiva Chocolate in Michigan: High Life Farms

High Life Farms cultivates boutique cannabis on a grand scale. With 250,000 square foot of combined canopy space, they are on the cutting edge of modern cannabis with a mission to create the finest cannabis products at scale while maintaining quality. High Life Farms isn’t just a grow room or a jar: they are a family.

As operators and enthusiasts, their passion shines through a wide array of genetics and product offerings. The High Life Michigan operation implements both indoor and greenhouse cultivation methods. Their forward-thinking facility produces flower, prerolls and much more that can be found in dispensaries throughout the state. High Life California focuses exclusively on indoor cultivation. Supplying premier brands throughout the state with wholesale, HLF also has lines of in-house products throughout SoCal. Their wings have just started to spread.

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Canna Cribs is produced by an independent media company: Growers Network. We are not advocates of the policies set by the MCMA. We believe it is important to showcase the entirety of the Michigan market, which is why we filmed seven episodes: Pincanna, High Life Farms, Pleasantrees, Heavyweight Heads, Pure Options, Apothecare Ann Arbor and Mitten Gardens. We appreciate you watching this episode and value your stance. If you want to network and learn with other hobbyists, caregivers and commercial growers, head on over to our free Growers Network forum with over 17,000 members.
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Table of Contents:
00:00 Opening
00:56 Nate Intro
01:24 Nate talks to Ben and Kyle
04:50 Genetics featuring Marcus & Archive Seed Bank
08:37 Vegetation with Joe, Pulse Grow, and Grodan
12:15 Flower with Grower’s Choice LEDs, Pulse, & Quest, Method 7
16:57 Trimming with GreenBroz and Harvest More
19:19 Packaging with Green Vault Systems, Grove Bags, & GreenBroz
27:38 Processing with Evolved
28:56 Edibles with Wana quick acting gummies, also Kiva, Nuggies, & Royal Bars
32:35 Dispensary with Marcus Hart and a chaos theory primer
34:55 Credits
Featured Strains (nothing for sale):
DosiDo, Sundae Driver, Tropicana Cookies #2, Mac Nasty, Z Mints, Skunkberry, Mimosa, Kobe, Mendo Breath, Banger MAC, Garlic Mints, Cement Shoes, Kurple Fantasy, Banjo, Rozay Cake, Granny Mac, Citrus Cake, Headbanger, Rainbow Driver, Frozay, Cookies N Cream, Stuffed French Toast, Orange Cookies
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