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Care to see latest delta-8 | CBD Headquarters | Episode 3 Out with old In with New


Hey all, if you care to see latest delta-8 products replacing ones from past episode(s) then watch this. I always get asked higher or lower mg delta-8? These new additions of Delta-8 gummies allow you to micro dose with just 10MG each, love the new flavor options.  @CBD Headquarters 

In this short delta-8 for sleep clip you see Creating Better Days, new flavors that where added to the previously single but yet awesome performing delta-8 gummy 25mg blue raspberry delta-8 rings. I shared how many the close community uses in gummies for deep sleep. New flavors are, Grape, Strawberry and Tropical Fruit has been added to already awesome line up of delta-8 edibles.

Delta-8 is a Cannabinoid with tons of buzz around it right now. That said the market is cluttered with fakes and products that I would not trust in my body or yours.

Each of the 10mg cubed delta-8 thc gummies or cbd products in video are manufactured by trusted brands. CBD COMMUNITY, I have been selling and taking or better yet testing them in the CBD market last 6 years. I composed this video after compiling history of clients who used this product for sleep in different age groups ranging from mid twenties to late 70s. If you need to sleep good and want to kick your prescription Ambien, to the curb this is the video for you!

Watch to find out what latest versions, pricing and flavors of delta-8 gummies users in our network are using delta-8 for sleep in creating better days products.

Proper dosages for taking Delta-8 Oil oil, gummies or carts completely covered in episodes 1 and 2 on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/UiPTL9knP3E](https://youtu.be/UiPTL9knP3E In under 20 minutes I can try to help change the sleep you dont have into a dream come true. Delta-8 oils are great for deep sleep and easy to take. Get delta-8 online from our shop before its gone for less than you can from your local cbd shop. Especially since all the prices dropped.

Watch this video Delta-8, what is it good for? | CBD Headquarters https://youtu.be/zN9ocEaSLOk to learn how many 10MG Delta-8 gummies or 20-25MG Delta-8 gummies you need to take too feel the effect and reap the natural benefits.

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Thanks for watching Care to see latest delta-8 | CBD Headquarters | Episode 3 Out with old In with New #shorts #delta8 #cannabidiol

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