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Injured Veteran Finds Medical Marijuana Helps Versus Opioids or Narcotics


In today’s Missouri Medical Marijuana Minute Educational Series, we look at why a proud Navy Veteran went to https://www.420ID.com to get his Medical Marijuana card which helped him get off his doctor prescribed fentanyl patches, morphine, dilaudid, oxycodone, oxycotin pills which was originally prescribed for extreme pain.

Tony Howard served 2 combat tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. While in Falluja, Afghanistan, he fell from a scaffolding and was put on bedrest for 6 months after back surgery where he had 13 compressed disks and 3 herniated disks. Doctors prescribed him all types of narcotics and opioids to deal with the pain, but it made him angry and depressed.

After doing research and realizing the Missouri Medical Marijuana law was recently passed, Tony decided to go to https://www.420ID.com to get his Missouri Medical Marijuana Card.

Tony explains the “process with 420ID.com was very simple.” He went to the website and was in touch with a doctor within 15 minutes. Within 2 weeks of filling out the application and seeing a doctor, he had his card in-hand.

Using Medical Marijuana has changed Tony life. The first thing Tony was able to do was to get rid of all his narcotics and opioids. Positive changes he’s scene include being happier, no depression, no night tremors or terrors, he now gets great sleep with has very little back pain.

Tony suggests that if others want to learn more about how a Missouri Medical Marijuana card might help them, go to https://www.420ID.com.


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