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Curt's Cannabis Corner S2E2: CBD for Epilepsy w/Dr. Nicolas Schlienz (Full Episode 19 Mins)


Season 2, Episode 2 of Curt’s Cannabis Corner: CBD for Epilepsy. In this podcast, host Curt Robbins interviews Dr. Nicolas Schlienz, a research scientist and clinical psychologist. Schlienz was recently appointed to the position of Research Director for Realm of Caring, a pioneering non-profit cannabinoid research organization based in Colorado Springs with ties to the popular vertically integrated brand Charlotte’s Web.

In July 2021, Schlienz coauthored a study entitled “Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Evaluation of Cannabinoid (CBD) Product Use and Health Among People with Epilepsy” that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Epilepsy & Behavior.

“This study represents a refreshing collaboration of scientists, clinicians, patients, and advocates,” said Jay Salpekar, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at Johns Hopkins University. Salpekar said that the study affirms that “cannabinoid products have value in the treatment of epilepsy—as well as associated neuropsychiatric conditions.”

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