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CBD for Anxiety and Lots of Other Uses


Hey friend! Today we are talking all things CBD –

-how to use CBD for anxiety and many other things
-how long you should use it
-what is the best kind to look for
-what questions you should ask
-is it kid-safe?
-does it interfere with other medications?

Tune in to find out all the info on how our Endocannabinoid systems are generationally deprived and what we can do about it!

This is also a good time to let you know, that if you are looking DIY your healing journey with lots of support, community, and a practitioner-led component then make sure you check out the Root Cause Revolution Membership – it is my monthly membership program and we have an incredible community there. And this membership is jam-packed! I’ve had so many people tell me it has made more difference for them than the thousands they have spent with coaches, courses, and functional med docs.

Tune in to learn how to learn about cbd oil for anxiety and everything else and start your own root cause revolution.

RESOURCES AND LINKS MENTIONED: https://audreychristie.com/168


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