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Cannabis Edibles, Gummies, Ratios & Dosages


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Cannabis affects each person differently. Start Slow!!!
Remember, it’s medicinal.. NOT a Snack!

READ THE LABELS!!! Pay Extra Attention.
Most Ratios are listed as CBD:THC (most common labeling)
But, sometimes it’s listed as THC:CBD (not common)
IF you are looking for a high CBD ratio, you DON’T want to ACCIDENTALLY end up with a THC:CBD (higher THC than CBD).

You may need to try different products/ratios to figure out what is right for you as an individual. There are a variety of cannabinoid ratios that you can get to help with different ailments.

CBN:THC Promotes Sleep (and more)
CBG:THC Promotes Pain Relief (and more)

THC-dominant strains contain mostly THC and little CBD and will have strong psychoactive effects. Most popular strains, such as Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple, fall into this category.

CBD-dominant strains contain mostly CBD and little THC and will have little or no obvious psychoactive effects. Charlotte’s Web and Remedy are popular examples of CBD-dominant strains.

Balanced strains fall somewhere in the middle. They have THC and some CBD, but generally not as much as THC- or CBD-dominant strains. The strains will get you high, but the effects will be noticeably different from THC-dominant strains. Examples include Cannatonic and Harlequin.
Using a few different cannabinoids at a time can give you
the relief you are looking for.

Visit my video here, to learn more about different cannabinoids
and their benefits.


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