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What's Really Going On with Federal Cannabis Legalization? HiO Interview: NACB


Ep. 68 – What’s Really Going On with Federal Cannabis Legalization?

While the Biden Administration has made waves recently for firing several White House staffers after discovering past cannabis use, and the White House Press Secretary Jen Psake saying that President Biden’s stance on federal cannabis legalization, or the lack thereof, hasn’t changed, several states including New Mexico, New York, and most recently Virginia, have implemented recreational cannabis legalization so far this year. At the same, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer continues their hype talk about a forthcoming Federal cannabis legalization bill. So what’s really going on?

On this episode recorded on 04/08/2021, RJ Balde talked to Tom Nolasco and Mark Gorman of the NACB (National Association of Cannabis Businesses) about the incongruity between the executive, legislative, and state-level governments, how the cannabis industry can self-regulate in the meantime, and more.

NACB Website: http://www.nacb.com
Twitter: @thenacb
Instagram: @thenacb

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