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SCAM or SCIENCE? Kinesio Tape reviewed by Doctor


How does kinesio, kinesiology, or medical elastic tape work and is it a waste or money or is there actual scientific evidence behind it?

You’ve seen your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, Olympic athletes and more wearing this specialized medical tape over the years and have probably wondered how it works and if there is actually any evidence behind its use. In this video we’ll break down the theory behind this product and what our current research says about it’s use.

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Recent reviews/meta analyses for your review if you want more:
-Reneker JC et all, “Effectiveness of kinesiology tape on sports performance abilities in athletes: A systematic Review”, Phys Ther Sport, May 2018
-Williams S et all, “Kinesio taping in treatment and prevention of sports injuries: a meta analysis of the evidence for its effectiveness.”, Sports Medicine, Feb 2012
-Parreira Pdo C et all, “Current Evidence does not support the use of kinesio taping in clinical practice: a systematic review.” Journal of Physiotherapy, March 2014

DISCLAIMER: content not intended to be medical advice. I did not receive any compensation from any tape company for this video. Opinions represent those of the individual and not my employer.


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