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Summer Conference 2021 – Session 3: Using Percusive Massage Technology


Join Ben McNamara, Senior Director of Global Education for Therabody, as he explains the benefits of percussive massage therapy, how to introduce the service to your club and how this will benefit your members and ultimately your retention.

Ben brings over a decade of experience as a professional athlete and an extensive understanding of performance and recovery modalities. Ben was introduced to Percussive Therapy in 2018, since then Ben has been working with Therabody to understand protocols in activation, recovery, and tension relief through low-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy. Ben’s role as Senior Director of Global Education is to drive Culture and Education across the globe. What differentiates Ben is his ability to balance Therabody’s goal of creating wide reaching impact, with the humility to start with the one person in-front of him. He believes this is an essential ingredient for anyone creating a recipe to bring about change no matter how big or small. Ben cares deeply about delivering a better understanding on the origins Therabody has been built on. He embodies our company mission and focuses on building strong relationships.


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