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Cannabis Regulatory Commission – Public Meeting – Tuesday, June 1, 2021



1)Call to order

2)Notice of public meeting

3)Roll call

4)Executive session (anticipated to last approximately 1 hour) The Commission will discuss litigation and interagency contract negotiations. No formal action is expected on items discussed during executive session.

5)Approve prior meetings’ minutes (April 22 and May 4)

6)Chair’s report

7)Executive Director’s report

8)Medical cannabis satellite dispensary approvals

9)Adoption of interim standards for laboratory testing of medical cannabis

10)Public comment The Commission will hear from invited speakers and the public on the topics noted below. The Chair will open the public comment period by sharing an overview of all the topics listed below. Speakers will then share comments on any of the available topics for discussion. In order to maximize the number of individuals permitted to speak, members of the public must register to speak and will be limited to 3 minutes.
a)Zoning and local considerations
– As the CRC develops its regulations on licensing, local approval, health, and safety, what local considerations do municipalities want the Commission to keep in mind?
– What zoning considerations do you foresee and how can the CRC work with municipalities to address them in regulations and implementation?
b)Concentrates and edible cannabis products; Protecting patient access during recreational market availability
– What non-oil-based concentrates and edible products would make medical cannabis easier to take, more effective, and more accessible? Should similar products be available to recreational users?
– How would new product types–particularly those with high potency–impact public health and safety?



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