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Dosage Calculations Nursing Practice Problems & Comprehensive NCLEX Review


Dosage calculations made easy for nursing students and nurses using dimensional analysis: comprehensive NCLEX review of drug calculations (nursing math).

In this video, Nurse Sarah created a comprehensive review covering the most important dosage calculations that you’ll need to know, and she breaks them down step-by-step and solves the included practice problems.

After the video, be sure to practice more dosage calculations problems using our FREE Dosage Calculations QUIZ: https://www.registerednursern.com/dosage-calculations-nursing-comprehensive-quiz/

Here is a list of the dosage calculation practice problems using dimensional analysis (nursing math problems) included in the video:

-Metric Conversions
-Oral Liquid Medications
-Capsules and Tablets
-IV Boluses
-IV Flow Rates (gtts/min)
-IV Flow Rate (mL/hr)
-IV Flow Rates (Infusion Time)
-Weight-based Medications
-Heparin Dosage based on PTT
-Pediatric Safe Dosages
-IV Drug Reconstitution
-Tube Feedings
-Body Surface Area

We have more dosage calculations videos here:
Notes: https://www.registerednursern.com/dosage-drug-calculations-nursing-review-comprehensive/


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