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Super Learning, Memory Gains, Remote Viewing & Manifestation W/ Dr. Patrick Porter of Brain Tap #381


This week’s guest, Dr. Patrick Porter, is an award-winning hero in the field of brain training and a dream guest that’s been on my list for years now.

Prepare to be bowled over by this rare human who has been manipulating his brain waves since the age of twelve. Fast-forward to today, by way of some out-of-this-world encounters, entrepreneurial triumphs, and divine interventions, he’s created BrainTap Technologies, a global leader in self-improvement.

Dr. Porter relays his long and winding journey into neuroscience, spirituality, and research as a pioneer in brain health (back when the topic was pushed to the peripheral edge of scientific interest). Dr. Porter has seen and done it all, from Remote Viewing at The Monroe Institute, to hypnosis, psychedelics, kundalini yoga, breathwork, and more.

Somehow, he has managed to distill his wealth of knowledge into the BrainTap device that’s been wrapped around my head since the day we spoke. Try it – your brain will thank you for it.

07:55 — Training the Brain

Find Your Perfect High – the book that changed the course of his father’s life Takeaways from Remote Viewing therapy at The Monroe Institute Exploring the quantum gap Looking at the imbalanced brain Paul Twitchell’s work and impact (In My Soul I Am Free: The Incredible Paul Twitchell Story) How Dr. Porter’s life changed after reading “My Experience Preceding 5000 Burials” by Hamid Bey

01:07:00 – Hypnosis and BrainTap

Using NLP How BrainTap helps you find your own genius BrainTap’s unique take on affirmations and their effect Seeing beyond what’s in front of you Why I use Braintap after a workout

01:29 — The Science Behind BrainTap

Converting energy through eyes The frequency and information found in light Why pain is optional Teachings from Stuart Wilde The power of mixing up your meditation routine Explaining binaural beats Are these technologies invasive?

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