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Snack Bar Product Review, Guest: Austin Perlmutter, Healing From Depression | #134


Knowledge Bomb: Organic vs. Non-GMO verified label. What it means, which is the better choice and why.

Product Review: The 2021 Snack Bar review is here! The best and worst in the industry.

Special Guest Segment: Austin Perlmutter M.D, an expert on brain health and mood disorders talks all about depression. What is really happening in the body when we experience depression? Do medications work for everyone? What are some powerful interventions for depression no one is talking about? Mood disorders are a spectrum and this show can benefit you and your loved ones. Enjoy!

Guest Bio: Austin Perlmutter, M.D., is a board-certified internal medicine physician, New York Times bestselling author, educator and consultant, as well as the Chief of Scientific Innovation at Big Bold Health. He is a frequent lecturer on topics related to cognition and mental health, and hosts the “Get the STUCK Out” podcast His focus is on helping identify and resolve the biological basis for “stuckness” in the body and brain, especially around decision-making. His writing is featured in a range of print and online publications including Psychology Today, MedPage Today and Doximity, and his research on immune-mediated depression in COVID-19 appears in the medical literature.

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Hosted by Doctor Christian Gonzalez N.D.

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