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My 100% recovery from autoimmune menopause! No autoimmune symptoms. Why we worry about AI dementia


This is my first video on autoimmune menopause. We know that autoimmune symptoms and organ damage happen when we lose hormones. Menopause means that our hormones drop to 1/25th of normal. That means a new autoimmune disease for you or more severe organ damage. Get HRT and avoid that mess. I also talk about the high rates of dementia in autoimmune patients. 42 autoimmune diseases are at risk for dementia! Some autoimmune patients are getting dementia in their 50’s. Check out the research! We can evaluate your treatments and work on what you need to avoid dementia. Simple easy steps.

Your results depend on all the elements of health. I help you design a personal plan. Would you like an expert partner in your menopause recovery? Follow this link for coaching.

email me at “jumpstartaip@gmail.com” for your free LDN ebook.
Your Initial HRT Appointment Guide: 100 pages of research. The Best & Worst HRT. My story. Weight Loss with HRT. Your brain and HRT. Diabetes and HRT. Cardiovascular disease and HRT. My HRT+ regime. 80 functions of estradiol. 20 functions of progesterone. 20 functions of testosterone. How HRT enhances personality. High doses are better.

I coach HRT, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, healing relationships, toxin reduction and pharma reduction. It all works together. This is your time to grow.

In wellness,

Nutrients are a part of your HRT Plan. I am an expert on getting more nutrients from each bite of food. The foods with most nutrients are described in The Autoimmune Protocol Diet. This diet is anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense! This keeps your immune system running strong! This diet gives you 7-10 times the nutrients compared to a processed food diet.
Here is a link to a topline description.

The AIP eliminates foods that block your HRT, eliminates foods that disrupt digestion, eliminates foods that are likely reactive, eliminates food that are allergens, eliminates foods that overwork the immune system, eliminates nuts and seeds that lock up nutrients, eliminates foods that are full of toxins that disrupt HRT and imbalance hormones, eliminates most sugars, and eliminates foods that include intestinal irritants that weaken nutrient absorption. It adds nutrient rich foods like organ meats, liver, kidney, heart, fermented foods, 8 cups of veggies and fruits daily, nutrient rich herbs, mineral and protein rich bone broth, adds sea salt with 82 micro minerals, adds healthy fats like olive and avocado oil, combines carbohydrate, fats and proteins into every meal. The elimination phase lasts for at least 6 weeks and many people will wait 3 months before reintroducing foods. Reintroductions follow a special process.

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Print off the documents in this directory and make that HRT appointment.

I offer education and coaching to help women recover 100% from health failure at menopause. Learn more about hormone health and how to work with your doctor. It’s important to educate before you spend on “other non-hormonal products” that you may not need once you have HRT! Save money, save health. Nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, toxin and pharma reduction. Identical HRT is not like other pharma.

Course 1: Create a Menopause Recovery:HRT+
Course 2: Infection & Menopause
Private Group Menopause Coaching
Individual Coaching

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