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#ACR21 Debrief #3 – Third Day at the 2021 ACR Convergence


This year AiArthritis is delighted to be attending #ACR21 with Effie Koliopoulos (aka @RisingAboveRa on Twitter), Stephanie Aleite (aka @theYoungFace_RA on Twitter), as part of our “Go With Us” program, and of course our regulars Co-Founder & CEO Tiffany (@TiffWRobertson), dedicated volunteer extraordinaire Deb (@DebConstien), and Katie (who is not on Twitter).

In this debrief, we discuss alternative therapies, preclinical RA, diagnosis and classification issues, and much more!

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0:00:00 Group welcomes viewers back to day 3
0:08:35 Alternative Therapies
0:26:15 Preclinical RA: Can We Stop RA?
0:36:30 Climate, Pollution, and Rheumatic Diseases
0:50:22 Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease: Need for Recognition
1:13:26 COVID-19
1:18:12 Shout-Outs and Where to Find Us


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