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Hemp Laws, Regulations, and Restrictions May Get Easier, Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Study


Hemp may now be federally legal, but congressional lawmakers are still seeking changes to laws governing the crop. And Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) recently previewed forthcoming legislation to ease restrictions on the burgeoning industry while also eliminating a ban on participation in the market by people with felony drug convictions.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been placed in charge of regulating hemp since the crop was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. But some of the rules that the agency set for hemp businesses have been met with criticism, with stakeholders arguing that they unduly burden the market.

Washington, DC — Today, a group of leading civil rights activists and policy experts expressed their disappointment at the inclusion of a provision in the stopgap spending bill passed by Congress that would extend the temporary classification of fentanyl-related substances (FRS) as Schedule I drugs.

Activists in Nebraska on Friday unveiled the language of a pair of initiatives to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Supporters now have until July of next year to gather thousands of voter signatures to put the measures on the 2022 ballot.

Marijuana legalization advocates in Virginia are urging voters to get to the polls next month to elect politicians who will support the marijuana legalization policy passed by lawmakers last session.

Some elements of the new law, for example, those allowing personal possession and home cultivation of cannabis, took effect on July 1. Other aspects, however—most notably establishing a regulated retail cannabis market—don’t kick in until 2024 and will require further approval in the coming year from state lawmakers and the governor.

Nearly two years after Santa Cruz became the second California city—and the third in the U.S.—to decriminalize a broad range of psychedelic plants and fungi, the City Council has rolled back the law’s provision on peyote, effectively recriminalizing the cactus.

The Department of Consumer Protection has published Policies and Procedures pertaining to Public Act 21-1 An Act Concerning Responsible And Equitable Regulation Of Adult-Use Cannabis.

PORTLAND, OR. – Results from inspections of legal hemp farms in southern Oregon show that a significant number of plants on those grow sites tested positive for excessive levels of THC.

Thousands of medicinal cannabis patients face higher hurdles and prices to access legal products from today, but Andrew Little says if any of them suffer, it’s because the industry “didn’t get off their asses”.

The Health Minister’s comments have left many in the industry flabbergasted, though the NZ Medicinal Cannabis Council (NZMCC) offered a measured response, saying he appears to misunderstand the challenges of building a pharma-grade regime from scratch.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Spanish Senate voted against the processing of a law proposed by the Confederal Left to regulate cannabis clubs throughout the country

ISLAMABAD: Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry felicitated the inauguration of Pakistan’s first hemp (Bhang) farm.

Observational studies have repeatedly linked cannabis use and increased risk of psychosis. We sought to clarify whether this association reflects a causal effect of cannabis exposure or residual confounding. We analyzed data from two cohorts of twins who completed repeated, prospective measures of cannabis use (N = 1544) and cannabis use disorder symptoms (N = 1458) in adolescence and a dimensional measure of psychosis-proneness (the Personality Inventory for DSM–5 Psychoticism scale) in adulthood. Twins also provided molecular genetic data, which were used to estimate polygenic risk of schizophrenia. Both cumulative adolescent cannabis use and use disorder were associated with higher Psychoticism scores in adulthood. However, we found no evidence of an effect of cannabis on Psychoticism or any of its facets in co-twin control models that compared the greater-cannabis-using twin to the lesser-using co-twin. We also observed no evidence of a differential effect of cannabis on Psychoticism by polygenic risk of schizophrenia.

Marijuana liberalization policies and perinatal health Study Abstract:
We studied the effect of marijuana liberalization policies on perinatal health with a multiperiod difference-in-differences estimator that exploited variation in effective dates of medical marijuana laws (MML) and recreational marijuana laws (RML). We found that the proportion of maternal hospitalizations with marijuana use disorder increased by 23% (0.003 percentage points) in the first three years after RML implementation, with larger effects in states authorizing commercial sales of marijuana. This growth was accompanied by a 7% (0.004 percentage points) decline in tobacco use disorder hospitalizations, yielding a net-zero effect overall substance use disorder hospitalizations.


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