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Is CBG as Good As They Say? Cannabis Study Club with the Cannabis Coaching Institute


In Cannabis Study Club this month, we talked all about CBG. On this video, I’ll teach you:
– what is CBG
– what might it work for?
– what are the side effects?
– how do I use CBG?
– where to buy CBG
– the proper way to say bagel

Hi! I’m Andrea Meharg, a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator at www.revealcannabis.com Head over there to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss a Cannabis Study Club and to see all my events and workshops.

I’m also the Head Science Educator at the Cannabis Coaching Institute where we train people just like you how to use cannabis and other health practices to change your client’s lives. Check us out at www.cannabiscoachinginstitute.com


Do you want to learn more about Michelle’s custom blend of CBG:CBD:THC:CBGA:CBGA:THCA? We’ll you’re in luck. She’s a CCI grad who is ROCKING THE WORLD! Sign up for her mini course here: https://www.cannacuriouscoaching.com/how-to-have-it-all-win-at-wellness-with-total-spectrum-blended-tinctures/

What’s the Deal With Delta-8? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huUIobPiGzE&t=3s

Wake and Bake CBG Articles
– What is it? https://wakeandbake.co/what-is-cbg-and-what-is-it-good-for-with-actual-data-and-research/
– How to cook with it. https://wakeandbake.co/quick-and-easy-homemade-cbg-oil-recipe-organic-paleo-vegan-win-an-fx-cbg-flower-and-a-waffleye/

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