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Put Weed In Your Vagina For The Health Benefits | News House


You can smoke it. You can eat it. You can hoop it. You can rub it on your skin. Hell, you can make rope and clothes with it. Plus, aside from getting you loopy and feeling fine, weed can help manage a whole slew of medical ailments. Seriously, it’s a long list. And one to which we can now add menstral cramps because cannabis can treat that effectively as well. Miraculous. And it’s not all hippy herb propaganda either. All you need is a female reproductive system and a vaginal suppository and you can find out for yourself. Vagina weed will take the edge off menstral cramps. Fact. But maybe don’t put other herbs in your vagina (or anyone else’s, permission being paramount here) until you talk to a doctor. 

Foria Pleasure doesn’t just ensure enhanced sexual pleasure with it’s vaginal lubes and suppositories, it promises relief for the unpleasantness of menstrual cramping. And anything that makes what I can only assume is the equivalent to a kick in the gnards feel a little less gnard-kicky is A-OK in my book. Nice work weed. 

I talk all about it on today’s News House. 

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