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The Morning Hunt – Gator Traders LLC (8/11/21)


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Thank you for tuning into The Morning Hunt – brought to you by Gator Traders LLC.

In this show we will take a walk through the morning news that might be affecting the overall market as well as major indexes, stocks, crypto, and more!

In this show we will go over:
1) ES1! – SPY futures
2) SPY
3) DJI
4) NDX – Nasdaq 100
6) TZA
10) UAVS

For those unaware, Gator Traders is a Discord based community that focuses on technical analysis education and accurate stock predictions. The Discord is FREE to join with tons of free content and channels.

Premium services are available as well. There is no obligation to join the premium services to participate in the public channels of the Discord server.

Gator Traders LLC also frequently updates a blog on the website above as well as publishes a weekly newsletter. The newsletter is sent out on the weekends and is geared toward getting you good, actionable trading information before the market wakes up on Monday morning. (the newsletter is included with Discord Premium membership as well)

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Thank you, take care, and God bless!


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