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The Green Nurses at Holistic Caring


Elisabeth Mack RN, BSN, MBA – CEO and Founder Holistic Caring Network

“Process for Providers and Products to Patients through Programs”
We are building an integrated delivery system for the cannabis revolution because everyday people are starting to accept it as a solution. We’re so excited to play our role; to bring the process to providers, so that vetted medical cannabis products can treat patients through programs of guided support.

After a bicycle accident in early 2015, Elisabeth Mack found relief with high-dose CBD and targeted THC therapies. She used that year to move away from various prescription drugs that she had taken since 1994 for previous shoulder surgery. The cannabis pain management process was enlightening for her as she dove into research, attended conferences, and networked her way through the cannabis industry.

Realizing that nobody was interpreting anything for true medical cannabis patients, she founded Holistic Caring in May 2016 to serve the educational, supportive, and logistical needs of patients and began training other nurses to help. Open opportunities are available for those who can help make it practical to medical patients who need guidance. Education will soon become a mandated portion of what is offered to legal cannabis customers in America and our coaches will be ready to help fulfill those requirements.

The Green Nurse Holistic Caring coaches help others achieve success because we are connectors, advocates, educators, and healers. We are also patients who find wholeness through this plant. We know how to work through medications, therapies, and holistic pathways to get you back to health.

“Legislation is moving quickly on cannabis, with 37 states allowing medical use, and 19 allowing adult-use or recreational access. Americans can buy CBD in all 50 states and about 70% of our country can purchase THC. All understand the fall of prohibition means that this can now be incorporated into their lives in some way. So, what does this mean and what’s next?

Several pioneers developed the staying power to lead others to navigate these changes. Two of the earliest – Holistic Caring & The Green Nurse have now joined forces to revolutionize this emerging industry. As the forces of capitalism, profit-making, restorative justice, and social equity programs flood the mainstream marijuana markets, Holistic Caring & The Green Nurse have built the medicinal approach designed to maximize the therapeutic potentials.

Holistic Caring (California) was founded in 2016 by Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, BA, MBA – first healing herself from 20 years of orthopedic issues that conventional pharmaceuticals could not. She opened a private practice to navigate the system for patients, teaching other nurses along the way and developing a comprehensive curriculum and toolkit of business building patient teaching forms and presentations so healthcare professionals can plug and play.

The Green Nurse (Massachusetts) was founded in 2016 by Sherri Tutkus, RN, BSN – healing herself from near death with plant therapeutics, finding hope, and restoration with cannabinoids. Sherri created her practice to guide patients, creating a community of advanced nurses to write recommendation cards for safe access and educate patients. Green Nurse Approved became the stamp of approval for vetted brands to create a patient marketplace.

As East meets West, our strategic visions have merged into the most comprehensive programs available to transform how we access, understand, and utilize medicinal cannabis to optimize health. The curriculum and programs will reshape how you think about this plant – wrongly demonized for 100 years, inspiring you to learn the deep science on why these compounds nourish and restore body-mind-spirit, tackling root causes of disease. You’ll learn the modern products available along with the pharmacology and protocols of how they work in the body.
The curriculum is complemented by necessary programming to enable healthcare professionals to implement this know-how into their practice – gaining a value differential over their peers and being the first to advance Health 3.0 principles. Health 3.0 utilizes the best from every category of healing, including modern technology and pharmaceuticals, folding the integrative principles to unite the body-mind-spirit, returning the patient to the intuitive healing process.

Holistic Caring & The Green Nurse have created the one-stop shop for practitioners to step into the medicinal cannabis world – educated and mentored by other healthcare professionals.

Take the courses, join the Masterminds, partake in the Green Nurse Approved marketplace to access the best wholesale CBD, and gain business-building basics for your practice. You can even apply to be a part of our global telehealth platform, healing the world one at a time.”

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