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The Best Cannabis Products of 2019


There was a ton of HUGE movement in our industry in 2019. E rigs saw a huge boom. Dabbing was introduced to a lot of new parts of the country. But what were the best things I came across this year? Heres three!

First up is the @mooselabs Mouthpeace + Carbon FIlters. I think its awesome to see a company out there actively pushing to better the health of smokers everywhere and i can fully say these carbon filters have made a drastic impact on my health!

Second is the @gpen connect. This was such a simple and easy solution to dabbing without all the normal accessories. It rips good and from what ive tested, functions flawlessly. For $150 I also think its a great price point!

And last is my personal favorite device I used this year! The @vivantvape Ambit. This is a little pocket flower vape that turned out to be an absolute POWERHOUSE. It give you two minutes of seshing and you can hit it that whole time without any flavor or vapor loss. It kicks ass.
www.vivant.com (Use the code, “matt20” for 20% off on this one!)

So those are my three picks. Let me know what you think we should review this year! Thanks for watching and have a great day!!!!!!


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