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Will Edelstein aka “Jewish Sauce Boss” is a Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Expert, Advocate, and Consultant. His company, Jewish Sauce Boss, has two main services: Cannabis Education and Medical Marijuana Card Procurement for Medical Marijuana patients across Pennsylvania (***TIMESTAMPS can be found down below in the description as well as in the video comments)

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About TRENDIFIER with Julian Dorey:
A podcast where hot takes meet context and ideas meet conversation. (Podcast / YouTube Vodcast)

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5:56 – How Will “Jewish Sauce Boss” Edelstein got into Marijuana; The lack of a level playing field in having to advocate for weed when alcohol doesn’t have same requirement; The Endocannabinoid System; CBD & THC counter activity; Harry Anslinger and the origins of anti-weed propaganda across culture

24:22 – Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 Drugs; Why we’re still far off normalization and mass adoption of legalized weed; Government Lobbyist problems preventing Marijuana Legalization; CBD Drinks; Medical Marijuana cards in Pennsylvania; Requirements to become a Medical Marijuana doctor

49:27 – Federal Law vs State Law for Marijuana; The racial problems with Marijuana laws; NJ Weed Man and his dispensary in Trenton

1:15:59 – Alcohol companies’ direct investment into Cannabis; Will talks about his previous life working in the Casino Business; The health questions surrounding smoking weed; Marijuana DUI Discussion

1:35:39 – The Black Market dangers and Fentanyl; Discussing Joe Rogan Experience #1379 and author Ben Westhoff’s book, Fentanyl, Inc.; Corporations & Marijuana; The problem with banning things like Marijuana in society; Black Market Supply Chain Problems across different Drugs; The Hamas – Cocaine Story from Politico

1:53:09 – The hypocrisy behind ShaCarri Richardson’s Olympic ban for a positive Marijuana test; Will tells a story about a positive Marijuana test in his first job; Julian tells a story about the time he got caught with a Fake ID in college; Will talks about his mom’s work as an inner city school teacher for 30 years; The balance of personal responsibility and society’s responsibility to help underserved communities

2:29:14 – Steve Jobs changed everything; The rise of MDMA & Psilocybin Mushrooms; Rampant Cocaine use across culture

2:47:19 – Psychedelic Legalization debate; The use of drugs to treat severe mental health problems

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