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Guinea Pig Pet CBD Yes or No?


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Metacam as the preferred pain killer in guinea pigs but I have not really really seen a guinea pig get significant relief from Metacam. That is the reason I started searching for an alternative. Arthritis is extremely painful for guinea pigs and those afflicted badly will prefer to sit in one spot and not move unless there is food involved. I have also seen what I can only describe as muscle atrophy in the back legs of some of those pigs. They must be miserable.
So CBD works within 10 minutes and can have quite stunning results. The effect can be seen best in those pigs that are extremely reluctant to move.
I have used it successfully as a general pain killer and have seen animals go from dull eyed with a puffy coat to bright eyed and bushy tailed in a matter of minutes. A common feedback appears to be that in a matter of minutes the light goes back in the eyes and a sparkle in the eye is observed. I have personally observed this again and again as well. I would say this is a good indication it is working.
I think you can visually see the effect in about 50% of animals. And again the worse the pain the most noticeable the effect.
I have had some feedback from people that have used it successfully for nervous animals, sows with hormonal aggressive behavior (usually those with cysts or other reproductive issues).
A pig straining to pass stool due to arthritis in the lower spine did not show much discomfort after application.
It increased appetite in approximately 65% of reluctant eaters due to illness or pain.

​What did we learn?
I have been using CBD since June this year so very much still learning and testing but so far I can honestly say that the CBD has been quite miraculous. It appears to work extremely well on guinea pigs. Don’t worry about the THC content because is is negligible. Most reputable CBD companies have test reports on each one of their products that will break down the contents.
​People or Pet CBD? It is my understanding that it is all the same just a different sticker on a different bottle. And as far as strength goes, you cannot overdose on the stuff.
Saskia Chiesa, Director of Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

Link to the pain relief gel pel Saskia uses


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